Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goodbye California!

I wanted to post this so that anyone who I don't see regularly or haven't seen in the last few days knows from me instead of 2nd or 3rd hand (I also might have seen you, but forgot to let you know). I decided a few days ago to buy a ticket for a flight to Vermont.

Basically, I'm very interested in living outside of California because it'll be a crazy experience and adventure. Santa Clarita and San Luis Obispo are the only places I've ever lived! I am also very interested in hanging out with Jean again as soon as possible. I have a great time with everyone here and I love the job I was able to acquire, but I still feel confined by living with my folks and by Santa Clarita in general. I guess it was silly to decide to stick around until Spring to move to Vermont (this was my previous plan, if you didn't know). I'm not nearly patient enough to hold myself to a plan like that. Six months started to seem like a very long time to be somewhere temporarily.

I think it goes without saying, but I love you all a whole lot. I've said this before, but I consider this group of friends family so I don't stress about losing contact or diminishing relationships. I will also be sure to make a bigger effort of staying in touch since I won't be able to drive three hours to come visit every Pass It Around.

I am going to be spending some time (rent-free) with Jean, and our friend Ivy (who some of you might have met) in Wells, VT (population 1,086; population density 48/square mile).
But the three of us are already making plans to move to the big city of Brattleboro, VT (population 8,203; population density 860/square mile).
Just to let you know Santa Clarita has 169,174 people and 3,537/square mile; Los Angeles has 3,831,868 people and 8169/square mile. I guess I'm interested in a change of scenery.

Oh, and just for posterity, I'd like to ask a quick favor. I am going to need a ride to LAX on December 1st hella early in the morning, and I would love for any one of you who would be down to give me a ride.

I am interested in talking to you all about this decision I've made (whether you think it's a stupid idea, an awesome idea, or if you got some tips on dealing with a griz-gnarly Winter). I didn't post this so that I wouldn't have to talk to you in person about this; I just posted it to let everyone know what's up.