Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so, yesterday,
this girl we know, who is sort of ridiculous on a normal level already, got really drunk as usual and started some shit.

one of the things she said to me was "you're from L.A. and you're poor!"
like that would mean anything. this was also after she dogged on my recital, and said i should put myself in a shit sack. but she probably wasn't aware of anything at this point.
but for those of you who don't know, i haven't been talked to like that since Lacey Pyle.
it was a huge shock.

i mostly got really upset because she's from this pretty well-to-do family that moved to Miami recently and for her to throw things like that, and "what are you, a size 30 jeans?" (to our friend Reenat) out for insults just makes me feel sorry that she's rolling with people at home where insults like this actually matter. she's probably so unhappy - that made me pretty unhappy...it sort of ruined yesterday night; but, it being a gnarly story (Reenat got hit in the face), i thought it appropriate to tell you guys on the gnarchives.

- mel

Friday, April 3, 2009

T minus

for those of you who i might have explained it to,
Beer Bike has already passed.  it's a huge event at my school that involves a lot of drinking, and some bike racing, with some epic water balloon fights beforehand.
this year, i was going to try out for the women's team at my dorm/college, and trained and everything, but didn't make it, since my college is so competitive lots of folks were training.
however, being part of the college that has alone held the bragging rights for sweeping all three race wins (alum, men, and women)in the past - twice in the 1980s, and once again in 1999 - i cannot say i was disappointed to at least watch the races that brought in sweep NUMBER 4.  Will Rice College is now officially the most obnoxious set of people around.

that was a couple of weekends ago.

also for those of you who might know, i had to give a recital this year as part of the degree requirements of BM.  that was this past Tuesday, March 31st (or as i would like to have called it, April Fool's Eve).  i'd write more, but i myself find long, picture-less blog posts to be sort of frustrating and boring...so i suppose i shall write more when i have a chance to include some images.

i guess i just sort of wished all of you could be there. 

school's out in two weeks, and i graduate May 9th.  crazy.

- melody