Wednesday, October 28, 2009

speaking of bike crashes

The other night I hit the front of a parked car and flew up onto the sidewalk and proceeded to scrap my leg up, and mess up something inside my back and my left arm pretty bad. I don't want to over-exaggerate, but I'll just say that if I had health insurance at this time in my life, then I actually would've gone to the doctor, because my arm was all fucked up. Despite the stupid number of bad bike crashes I've been in, with exception of the time I had to get rushed to the hospital for staples in my head, I've never felt like going to the doctor. Maybe I'm getting older or maybe my body breaks easier. Good news though, because after five days or so, I regained (almost) a full range of motion in my arm. It still hurts like hell, but I feel confident that I didn't break anything now. The craziest part is that my elbow bone on my left sticks out even more than it did after I fell on it at Chaos in Tejas two years ago. My back also still hurts a lot, but I'm sure that will go away after a while.
So you're probably wondering how I crashed into the front of a parked car. Drunk? Yeah, but that wasn't the reason. I was trying to practice riding my bike with no hands . . . and with my eyes closed.
I'm a fucking idiot.


ps. i miss anyone who checks this, although i suspect that it isn't very many people. also, there's going to be a really awesome halloween show at miguel's house this saturday. reuben, tommy, him, and i are playing as the ramones. our friends ghost porn (formerly blackshirts) are playing as the cramps. some crappy christian folk band is playing as the cure. my friends preston and kenny hall are playing as the temptations/ja rule. dismiscrowave is coming up and playing as the dead milkmen. and possibly my friends steph and zach who live in long beach are playing as kiss. everyone is invited!
also, melody, when are you coming back to california?!

Monday, October 12, 2009

ya never know. i certainly did not.

i even knew the turn into the parking lot would be slippery, but i fell on my right side anyway. my hip and right pant leg are covered in muddy gravel. pretty lucky there wasn't any car behind me. so, yeah, everyone be safe on their bicycles, because even when we are being safe, we aren't. the end.

texas misses california, ok byyeeee - mel

Thursday, October 8, 2009

God's not a woman, he's a bitch.

Nothing about it is beautiful. God separated the waters from the firmament and confounded our tongues, prostrating our humanity before the indifferent godhead. Evil exists and it is indivisible. Its sinewy essence is inarticulate, making its living in ambiguity and through the hands of poetic charlatans. It excites the lazy mind and tailors well-rehearsed lies to fit any insecurity. The singularity of its breath makes it easy to recognize once one becomes accustomed to the stench. It loves to make unsupported claims about our existence and the celestial bodies. It embroiders art, math, and the sciences with its polysemousness. Objectivity is a human invention and the most remarkable one so far. Lucidity and Reason are at war with relativism, and it is a dubious battle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

if you haven't already seen it.

why isn't anyone posting?
why is houston in the 90s outside?
why are my legs covered in bruises all the time?
why does my throat hurt?
why so many questions?
why aren't you dying of laughter yet, you should have clicked on the link like five seconds ago???

why do i miss california so much?

love, mel - the end.