Monday, November 30, 2009

a month later

someone posts something else.

...this past month has been a comedy of errors, hot then icy, and every once in a while - particularly recently - angsty in the most annoying mild way. good for laughs, good for storytelling, and good for a tear or two. for this post, i guess what i am thinking about the most right this moment is that some of the company i keep here in houston probably are bad for me. does anyone else have junk food friends? i sometimes see it from the outside and grow terribly sad.

what happens to self-esteem? does it exist, and where?
why is it that certain kinds of people seem to enjoy you more, or tolerate you more, the less you give a shit? it's bizarre, even if its kind of understandable. but i can't explain it.
for the time being i distract myself with my cafe job, comforted by my craigslist miracle roommate, and this:

this friday i'm going to be in a joint art exhibition featuring drawings by me and my friend Alma. i'm incredibly inspired by the drawings she does, and the show- which is being organized by our mutual friend Logan ( - will be displayed "refrigerator style". flat thumbtacks will be stuck into the wall and magnets will hold the drawings up by sticking to the tacks through the paper. the idea is to show drawings in the style of those we have scribbled onto little scraps of paper, or notebooks...random artifacts that can be dug up and remembered after being lost in last semester or at the bottom of your bag. there's going to be some newer stuff made with this show in mind, and more formally realised, but i guess still adhering to this idea of stuff you stick on your fridge for visitors to see. like a little kid.

i left a lot of it to the last minute, but i'm pretty excited about it. i'll let you all know how it goes.
i'm tired of being sorta sad, more often than not. but, i guess i can ride it out, right?

the official date for my return to LA is December 15th.

- melody